Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rug Sale + Rug Purchase

I have a few new purchases on their way that I am so so excited about! Happy mail days coming soon. One of these purchases is a rug. Yay! I was initially set on this cowhide rug form World Market.  And though I've jumped on the neutrals wagon, I was feeling like the room needed a bit more color. Plus if the walls end up staying beige, I didn't want to introduce more brown into the space. 

Queue the awesome Rugs USA Mother's Day sale....
I came upon this rug and was smitten... and it was 60% off. 

I took a risk on it because it has not yet been rated. I usually depend heavily on reviews when ordering online, but for that price I'm willing to take the risk. I still love that cowhide rug but LOVE the pop of color and pattern this rug will introduce into the space. 

I would definitely check out the sale! Most rugs were 70% off plus the usual free shipping. A pretty great deal if you ask me.

Happy shopping! 


  1. Hi Kimberly, where is your armoire/dresser from? The one on the left side of the room.

  2. Hi Rozi! It's from Ikea and I stained/painted it. Here's my tutorial!


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